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Lets assume you know your market and are capable of writing articles about your subject as part of your internet marketing strategy. If you are not, get someone who can!
As part of your internet marketing strategy its best to follow some basic rules and these rules also apply to the very method you use to create an online presence. For the purpose of this internet marketing tutorial we shall ignore the shopping cart side of your website (if you have one) and concentrate on the pages of content that are going to push your search results up.
First things first – you have no website. Even if you do, read this tutorial as if you dont. As we all know there are many different ways of building an online presence these days. Your internet marketing strategy will be directly affected by the method you choose. Perhaps you’re thinking “I dont know anything about building websites” – thats fine. You dont have to, but you should understand some concepts.

Internet Marketing – Back To Basics
Firstly – do not use open source software. It doesn’t matter if you or a web design company is building your website, if your serious about getting good search engine results, stay away from open source.
What is it? Open source software means an application or piece of software that is worked on by many different developers, collaborating their ideas and resources to produce a final product. Open source software is usually free to use, and some of the applications such as shopping carts, content management systems and portals are impressive. However its not the function or the quality of the program that poses the problem for your internet marketing strategy, its the fact thats it is open source.

Here’s why:
1. If you didn’t code it yourself, you dont know whats in there

2. Certain prominent engines will not favour open source sites

3. It opens more security vulnerabilities

If you are employing a web design company to build your site don’t be afraid to tell them you dont want to use open source. Its great for a personal website or perhaps for a company that doesnt need good search engine results, but generally not for commercial websites. Your internet marketing efforts may suffer if you do not use legitimate software.

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