Business Website Design & Development San Diego

Business Website Design & Development San Diego

The Business Website is a little more complicated than business-card web design. The Design of this type of website is exclusive,  and as a rule, the Business website  usually consists of 10-15 pages (that suits most of the Small Business Companies). On such type of the websites, you can independently carry out all manipulations on change of contents of the website via the control panel.  You will be able to make any changes even if you don’t have special skills on work with web applications.
It is the most demanded type of the websites. As the ratio price/quality/terms vary a lot (depending on specifications and needs).
Depending on the speed of providing information about your company and services the turnaround time varies…

On average it takes 2-4 weeks.

How we perform our web design:

  • Develop original design of the homepage of the website taking into account requirements of the customer.
    Development of design and structure of several internal pages
    Completion of a logo, illustrations;
    Structure  Development of the website.
    Preliminary filling of the website content
  • Installation of the control panel of the website and imposition.
    Optimization of photos and graphics.
    Preparation for a conclusion in the Internet.
    Registration in Google.
    Debugging of work of the website
    Installation of counters of statistics

The business website includes:

Website Design and Development (without use of samples). Design level BUSINESS.
The control panel of the website CMS includes:
Multilevel access to the control panel of the website.
News feed and RSS feed.
Creation of one or several menus of the website.
Search system for the website.
Possibility of feedback.
Management of the website and its structure by means of various modules.
Template System of the Website (if needed) .
Visual editor. You will be able easily to change any information on the website
Different access levels for users
Information blocks.
News feed of the website.
System of banners.
File manager.
Set of widgets, for creation of animation on the website, photo galleries.
Google Maps, for the indication of office location
Website Internet Hosting, and also granting a control system of the website within the first month.
Domain name of the second level in the .com zone (http://www.) as a gift!

Also there is a possibility of selection of additional modules and components for Business Website, depending on your requirements and wishes.

What  is necessary to develop a Business Website?

You send all necessary materials for the website, or you fill in the questionnaire.
You receive from us the contract for performance of work and the invoice for payment of the first half of cost of services.
From the moment of receiving a money transfer we begin to develop the sketch of future website. This process can take up to six working days.

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