How to Select a Landing Page?


The landing page is the page that any online visitor arrives at the first time by clicking on a link or an advertisement.

The landing page can be the home page of your website or an inner page. Most of the internet marketers use the website homepage as the landing page. However, it is not necessary use the homepage as the default landing page. Selecting the correct landing page is vital to keep any visitor on your website and improve its conversion rate. When selecting the landing page,there are some certain things to consider.

First impression
Developing a strong first impression is vital in online marketing. When a person checks your landing page for the first time, it should make some interest to check more things about your business. If the landing page is attractive and if it makes a good first impression, people will stay on the website for a longer time and will also check other pages.

Provide clear information about the business
Some people hesitate to tell about their businesses clearlythrough landing pages. However, it is important to say what you do and what you offer. Use your landing page to describe the business briefly. Never let visitors to find your business details by surfing inner pages. Many visitors will not do it. They will simply go away from the site if they cannot understand your business at the first time.

Match content with your advertisement or link source
Some people direct their links to pages with completely different information. Such activities can ruin the trust you develop. For an example, if you direct your visitors to a page that contains some paid services by mentioning about a free offer on the advertisement, visitors will lose their trust completely. Therefore, the content on your landing page should exactly match with the messages on your ads.

Use clear and easy to read content
Your landing page should have clear content. It should talk to the point. Visitors should understand about your business and offers clearly and instantly. Therefore, it is necessary to use a proper mixture of text and images on the landing page.

Keep a minimum loading time
Your website landing page should take a minimum time to load its content. Therefore, make sure not to use larger images and flash content because they will take much time to load. Your landing page should meet the requirements of both high-speed and slow internet connections.

Emphasis the benefits
Your landing page should emphasis the benefits you offer. Make sure to use content that tells about the benefits that visitors can take by making a purchase.

Selecting the most suitable web page as the landing page is important during any online marketing campaign. It is important for PPC campaigns because you have to pay some money for each visitor arrived. Therefore, it is important to keep a higher conversion rate for PPC ads. If you feel any doubt about the landing page you use for online campaigns; get the help of a PPC company. They know how to select the best landing page for better conversions.

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