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December 21, 2016

Why website re-design is so important?

Well, re-design of your website is really important. Life changes, people change, technology changes, marketing changes. Those technics, which were popular and were attractive for customers becoming weaker, sales/call are getting lower… Sometimes you even […]
December 21, 2016

Steps of website development

1. What is your future website about? Is it a personal website, services or ecommerce website? 2. Who are your priority visitors? (Of course of you have idea about that) if not, we will build […]
December 21, 2016

Website development – what to expect and what to avoid

First of all
December 21, 2016

Website design and right way to build it

Website Design can be pretty attractive from one sight – but in fact it won’t bring you customers. Well – it’s the same as with people “First you judge how nice and only then – […]
December 21, 2016

Google Breadcrumbs documentation

Gary Illyes analyst of search quality from  Google via Twitter notified,  that Google has finally updated their developer documents on the breadcrumb schema markup to show how to handle multiple breadcrumb trails. Here is a picture,  showing […]
December 21, 2016

Website Design – What to avoid

A lot of companies, private designers offer their services in Website Design. But not everyone know – what to avoid before you sign the Contract. Make sure the person responsible for Website Design  hears and […]
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