Arthur. B

I highly recommend this company for all and any of your design needs. I am very happy with the new redesigned and restructured website they built for my moving company! We just launched it a few months ago, but we already feel the difference and our customers love it!

I’ve worked with three different web deign companies this year and ended up leaving them because they all asked the same thing: “You tell us EXACTLY what you need and EXACTLY how you want it to look, and we will build it for you.” Well, why do I need to pay for an expertise of a designer in that case? At CreDO Wen Design, the staff will do the thinking for you! They will come up with very creative ways to implement your ideas! All I had to do is show them a few websites of other companies that I liked and say: “I want something similar, but better, and I also want to add such and such module and such and such capability”. When they got back to me with the first offline “test” website, I was speechless! I couldn’t even suggest an edit! I just said: “Wow, it is perfect, lets make it live!”

Bottom line, if you are looking for someone to think FOR YOU as far as what design is going to be successful for your business, these guys will provide the best solution!

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