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I’m not a hard core web designer. More the “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of designer. I know more about the SEO end of the design than coding fancy php or jquery scripts. This is why I like sites like Themeforest.com. thye do all the complicated programing and you tweak to meet your needs.

In my last article “Is Opencart a Viable Alternative?” I mentioned how I just started using opencart for a client that already had a site in place. Well we happen to have a record setting couple of days in regards to site visitors at the site I’m working on, Cobrabraid.com. Only too have an opencart bug bite us in the rear end. Version does not do so well with too many product options. Since Cobrabraid has some custom products with over 90 options, some of the options just vanished. I spent hours researching fixes and nothing worked, even started calling Opencart guru’s but could not get a hold of anyone. One forum poster suggested upgrading to the most recent version. I was hesitant since I did not want to break the site all together. I backed up the data and cart and tried my luck at an upgrade.

Upgrade was a success but the template that the first designer used was not compatible with the latest version of opencart, Darn it, I was watching the visitors come and go and the site was not functioning. Never fear, Themeforest to the rescue. I browsed dozens of themes and wanted a mobile friendly template and I found a nice responsive design, Sellegance. Installation was a breeze and I had a make shift site up in 10 minutes. Picked a generic background and we now had a site that could handle the options and did not look terrible with and out of the box design.

I’ve since spent some time customizing the template and ran into a few roadblocks. But a quick post to the theme’s comments page and the author had answered each of my support type comments in a few hours. Sellegance was just $25 and I’ve customized it enough that it looks a lot different from the original. The site is still a work in progress but I’m happy with the direction it’s headed.

I’ve purchased one other menu script that was being used on the old site and it too was easy to use, maybe I’ll post more about that script when I get another spare moment.

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