What are longreads?

What is known as longreads are one of the foremost trends in web-design in 2015, and also, predictably in 2016. Using them the websites not just share information with the visitors, but tell the whole stories, strengthening effect of involvement. So what it is and what difference it has from habitual information or advertising content on the website?

The term “longread” came from “long reading”. So, most often it designates today text materials of the big size that needs a lot of time to read. Though, except the size such type of texts has also other traits.

For instance, any longread, in addition to text, contains also multimedia content, such as illustrations and photos, videos or infographics. And such content is not just supplements material content, but also its direct part. The text, graphics and video work equal, realizing absolutely new format of submission of information on the Internet.

Such longforms are regarded as one of the most perspective types of thematic content on the websites today. Normally, they are opposed with information texts, but also it can become kind of promotional materials.

It is essential to apply them correctly because longreads good not for all websites and not any big article with many illustrations is possible to call such functions. So it is useful for a start to get acquainted with at least some main stages of longread’s creation.


Creation of a longread begins always with search and study of its idea. It is necessary to decide what the thing will tell to readers and why such format will be convenient or profitable. It is vital not to forget that the primary goal of any longread is to relate a story, and without this it will be only a big text with illustrations.


Creation of a detailed plan is a way to success. You must display in the plan sequence of a statement of information, arrangement of accents, and choice of covering media content. Together with the plan it is usually convenient to prepare the sketch or a prototype showing how components of a longread will interact on the page of the website.

Material preparation

In accordance with the plan it is possible to prepare required materials for your project — the text, images, infographics, video or audio. Commonly, preparation of materials is divided into several parallel processes that helps to complete this stage as soon as possible.


“Working” longread must show attractively on the page of the website both displaying on PC or on mobile devices. So it is fatefully to give consideration to design’s development focusing on such nuances as the location of media content, the option of printing types, text format.


At the final stage prepared longread needs just to be published. For example, you can use in some cases manual imposition or addition by the built-in tools of the used CMS, and in others — the publication through online services of creation of longread. The option of a suitable method is caused by individual characteristics of the longread.

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