Who Are Your Customers?


Before you build a website you need to define who your target audience or customer base is going to be. Without this knowledge you will be guessing at who your audience is. Many business owners will simply declare that they want to target everyone. The pitfalls in this strategy will result in spreading your resources too thin whereas you lack the punch that it takes to target a specific audience.
You will need to conduct an Audience Analysis. This will allow you to find out certain demographics about who your customers are going to be. By researching your customer base, you then gain the proper knowledge to create the early design stages of your website. This valuable information will give you the tools you need to target your audience.

You should also do a Competitor Analysis. This can be much more involved and it is more time consuming. The most important part of your design should be focused on the Audience Analysis but do not neglect to gather the easier pickings from your competitors. Such as their pricing, services offered, ease of purchase, the quality of their website, etc. The more you learn about your competitors, the better odds you will have in putting out the proper design that will target your customer base as accurately as possible.

Does this sound overwhelming to you? Many people believe that web design and development of a website is just building it by adding content and images, along with other features. This belief is flawed because the Design Phase of the website is one of the most critical phases of building a website. A large portion of the designing comes from what is gathered in the analysis.

If this is something that you are unable to do, or you need help with then CreDO Web Design can provide this service to you. By researching your audience and competitors we will gain a huge advantage for you by showing you where to find your customers, who they are, and how to reach them.

I cannot stress the importance of learning who your target audience is. It can make or break a design by spending money on an audience that is not interested in what you have to sell.

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